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April 24th, 2019
My Millennials
by Nisreen Khalaf
In “My Millennials”, Nisreen Khalaf shares her life experiences and lessons she has learned in her life in the hopes of helping bridge the gap between her generation and the younger generation. She hopes this book will expand young and old minds who are ready for success. Inside this book Nisreen explains how change is inevitable as well as: - Learn as you go and build your own experience. - Speaking up benefits the person who comes after you. - Be confident in who you are; always work on your self-development - Always have goals; go after what makes you happy. - Travel the world; be adventuresome. - Always give the best in you and do out of love and commitment. Never fear life’s turmoil, always learn from experiences, and review where you go astray for that is how you will grow. Life is a skill, and you will acquire that skill by mastering it. And most of all, be yourself and follow your heart and mind.
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April 30th, 2020
New gifts for special launches
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May 31st, 2020
Hundreds of dollars in bonus gifts with a $20 book purchase? What are they thinking?? Simple. The official launch day for a new book is very important to the publisher. Sales on this day are absolutely critical, as is early word-of-mouth. This means getting the book into as many hands as possible.
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