Inspiring Lecture: "How to Hear the Voice of Divine Intuition"

Susan Shumsky

Deep within the heart of every soul is the desire to experience and communicate directly with God. In fact, the divine presence is not the exclusive property of great saints, sages, and holy men. Everyone is a child of God and worthy to receive the blessings of Spirit. Dr. Shumsky will inspire you to listen to the "still small voice" within. She will reveal how miracles have taken place in her life by trusting that divine voice and how everyone else can too.

Three FREE Meditation Recordings for You from Marilyn Gordon

Marilyn Gordon

Would you like to experience True Peace and Healing? What if you were able to find it spontaneously and then move beyond the challenges of your life? You can "Go to the High Place in Your Mind!" through our three mp3 recordings. "The Most Amazing Meditation I've Ever Heard – Yours… Filled Me with the Warmth of Love and Grace"

FREE 8-hr Course on 8 MP3 Downloads.

Guy Finley

Seven Steps to Oneness: Journey to a Whole New Life by best-selling author Guy Finley. When all is said and done, there is only one freedom that cannot be diminished, and only one place where its abiding peace can be found: All that your heart longs for lives within your True Self. Your True Self is fearless, loving, and totally free. Realizing its unlimited life as your own enables you to enter a whole new world within yourself whose very ground is the unshakable strength, security, confidence, and contentment you were born to know. During this groundbreaking audio program you will discover, explore, and learn to work with timeless principles that will help you to empower the evolution of your soul. Listen to the first 60-Minute MP3 Make the Leap Into a New Life Story instantly, and then if you wish, sign-up for free immediate access to the entire album, with 7 additional full-length talks including: -- Receive the Keys to Real Self-Completion -- The Lost Secrets of Complete Self-Command -- Take These Steps and Realize the Truth of Yourself -- The Power and the Practice of Oneness This is a REAL product that is currently for sale on Guy's site for $24.95 -- and we've arranged for you to receive it for FREE!

Tapping into Your Energy Awareness MP3

Judith Orloff, MD

Dr. Orloff helps her listeners discover their innate intuitive empathy -- the ability to sense and absorb the energy of people and places around you -- and learn how to work with it in a positive fashion to experience life to the fullest.

The Art of Believing In Yourself

Peggy McColl

Build Unstoppable Confidence!

Awaken the power within to create an unstoppable confidence following the guidance revealed in this training session.

FREE Creative Coaching Session with Sharon Corsaro

Sharon Corsaro

What IF you could tap into a well of deep clarity when YOU need new solutions? What IF you could sense the best steps for attracting what you need next? THIS is what happens in one-one coaching with Sharon Corsaro. Tap into a well of creative energy that can help you attract your next solutions fast! In support of Dr. Susan's new book, Sharon is offering ONE FREE Creative Coaching Session for those who ASK. So... Ask!

Raise Your Happiness Set-Point with Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff

In this complimentary Happy for No Reason Workbook you'll find material that will help support your growth and help you raise your happiness set-point.
Included in this Happy for No Reason Workbook are the:
- Happy for No Reason Questionnaire
- 21 Happiness Habit Exercises
- Happiness Quotes from Happy for No Reason

RoundTable Release Process for Reunifying Soul Parts

Kathy L Kirk

PDF/Ebook The Round Table Release Process of Reunifying Parts.
The RTRP works in the quantum field retrieving soul fragments that have served to explore 3rd dimensional separation experiences. In this time of Unity Consciousness, Oneness begins with your individual soul. Reunify all your soul parts with love and compassion. Bring them Home into Oneness with You.

Free Workshop ~ Seven Goddesses I AM

Arna Baartz

Free first workshop! In the workshop - The Seven Goddesses I AM - we use visualisation to invite aspects of self into our hearts. Using the imagination, integrating the energy, giving ourselves back a piece of us that may have been quelled due to unreasonable expectations, other people's opinions and general fear. Our intention is for balance, prosperity, happiness, health and general wellbeing!

Half price Spirtual Tarot Reading

Connie Foster

Connie does tarot readings about what is going on in your life now and how you can strengthen the spiritual influence in the learning or searching that you are processing through now and into the future. She can also do a manifestation spread for you to manifest what you want.

Dancing in the River of Golden Opportunity

Maureen St. Germain

The River of Golden Opportunity, when called into your energy, is available to you to support everything you do. It provides answers to questions, clears family issues and petty feuds; it brings an abundance of security, safety and solutions to everything you can think of. You can let it magically fulfill your wishes and dreams. See it mend broken hearts. See it turn you into a money magnet. See it bless and guide you in important decisions. See it mend the ills of shame, sorrow and regret. Let it fill you with a deep love for all of life, a deep love for those around you and a deep love for YOU.

One hour session free.

Carmen Harra

Internationally recognized psychologist, best-selling author and musician Dr. Carmen Harra is an in-demand counselor to everyone from powerful politicians to Hollywood royalty. Her integrative approach to mind, body, and spiritual healing is rooted in traditional psychology as well as alternative healing and hypnotherapy. An expert in the fields of both psychology and parapsychology, Dr. Harra believes that every individual can manifest his or her own reality and seize control of the future. She has helped people all over the world achieve happier, more fulfilling lives. Contact her via her website.

Claim Your Peaceful Power Activation Kit

Hueina Su

No matter how much chaos is going on "out there", you can claim your Peaceful Power and BE calm, centered and confident no matter what. This activation kit includes: 1) Claim Your Peaceful Power for True Confidence, Lasting Inner Peace & Unstoppable Success (80-min Audio Program) 2) Taming the Invisible Chaos (7-Part Video E-course)

From Fatigue to Fabulous: 21 Hormone Hacks for a Happy Life

Keesha Ewers

Opt-in ebook on

30 Lessons in Joyful Living

Kimberly Rinaldi

Kimberly Rinaldi, founder of the Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network, shares her latest work - 30 Lessons in Joyful Living: Tools, Tips, Inspirations & Affirmations Designed to Help You Live-Joy-Fully NOW

Seeing Yourself as PowerFUL!

Kristi Borst

Kristi Borst has combined her love-based Healing Resonance message with high-frequency, energy-infused artwork to create a powerful video to assist you in "Knowing Yourself As Powerful ~ Moving from Limitation to Empowerment". What will you do or be when you realize your full creator abilities? Reclaim your power today.

Soul Cleanse

Theresa Crabtree

The Soul Cleanse is a safe and gentle process to clear non-beneficial entities and energies that are interfering with the ability to connect with your Soul and Spirit Guides. These interferences also manifest in physical, emotional and mental ailments and are often associated with addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Receive a 15 minute Intuitive Phone Reading for Only $20.00!

Tracy Lee Nash

Receive a 15 minute over-the-phone intuitive reading for just $20.00 (a value of $60.00!) from international intuitive, medium and founder of Within The Light, Tracy Lee Nash.

Simply visit, click ONLINE promotions on the toolbar, place Hasmark Promo in the subject line of the email and submit. I will contact you with all of the necessary information for your intuitive phone reading.

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Sherry Gaba

This eBook will show you how to determine what beliefs are holding you back & how to take back control of your beliefs. Changing the negative into positive to experience immediate results.
Learn To Live Your Best Life Now!

"Discover Your Soul Song" E-Book and FREE

Rhonda Joy Eagle

Have you ever felt a lack of direction, unfocused and wondering how to get through the day? Would you like to find a way to become abundantly healthy, focused and enthused about life?

I invite you to experience a 30 minute complementary session so that you may get the flavor of what may unfold.

Journaling from the Soul

Jodi Chapman

If you are ready to reconnect with your soul, start reaching your dreams, and live the life you were born to live, this ebook will help you do exactly that! Journaling from the Soul is part of the bestselling Soulful Journals series, & it contains 100 prompts to help you get to know yourself better!

A 30 Minute Medical Intuitive Reading

Janet Love

Medical Intuitive Consults are a scan of the entire body system which includes the visible physical body and the invisible body. This scan may reveal the source of stress. Stress patterns and Stress Pathways often provide the source of an ailment and provides an overview of the what the body is reporting to the client as symptoms. A Medical Intuitive Session is not a diagnosis, nor intended to be a diagnosis or treatment of any disease. Anyone can benefit from this session but especially anyone who has a mystery to solve with their health or life and require an insight that can move them in the right direction. There are a multitude of benefits and here are a few reasons to consider a Medical Intuitive Consult, e-coding a puzzle is a good way to look at a Medical Intuitive Session. If you have a mystery of any kind and desire direction this is a good session to incorporate! The session is recorded and emailed after the session ends within 24 hours.
Sessions are available in person, Skype and by phone

30 Minute FREE Power Clear and Heal Teleseminar

Lisa Whatley

Join us (using skype, the web or your telephone) as Lisa Whatley personally guides you into a relaxed state of mind so you can receive high frequency healing energies which will assist in clearing, repairing, balancing and healing your energy body. Best of all - it's 100% FREE!

Awaken Your Intuition & Set Your Psyche Free

Catt Foy, Psycards USA

Psycards are a 40-card oracle deck based on the archetypes as described by Carl G. Jung. Beautifully illustrated by award-winning children's book artist, Maggie Kneen in a style that can only be described as a marriage of tapestry and stained glass medieval images. The Complete Psycards System includes the book "Psycards--A New Alternative to Tarot," by psychic seer and Psycards expert, Catt Foy, as well as a crystal pendulum.
Enter a drawing to win a free reading or a Complete Psycards System--a value of $40-$75

Free 15 min Skype reading

Pam Del Franco

Receive a free Skype 15 minute reading with me. You will be pleasantly surprised and likely amazed at how Spirit works through me.

The eJournal Be Empowered!

Danielle Joworski

Using a journal to write down your thoughts can be a powerful method for reflecting and learning from your experiences. The eJournal Be Empowered! created by Danielle Joworski is designed to accompany you as you reflect on your dreams and desires and want to grow your sense of empowerment.

FREE 60+ Min MP3 on

Shelby Collinge

Thought Expert Shelby Collinge shares her SECRETS!

If you want the BIG time success you've always dreamed of, you have to CHANGE your mind. It's time to FIRE those old beliefs! This gift ALONE will shed a new light on how you've been thinking and open your mind up to NEW kinds of beliefs and expectations. EVERYTHING changes now!!

Mastery of Money and Romance (Free eBook)

Sheena L. Smith

In This Free eBook You Will Learn How to: Master Your Money: How to Create More Money in your Life and How to Squash Money Worries. Master Your Love Life: Attract Your Ideal Partner, Let Go of Past Hurts and Awaken Your Passion. Simply enter your name and email to receive this life changing eBook. Thank You!

5 Tips for Tapping Into Your Intuition + Trusting it Every Time

Beverley Golden

Beverley Golden, author of the Amazon Best-Seller Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie, has learned to live life by the mantra "Trust Your Intuition Even When No One Else Sees Your Point of View". In this colourful and easy-to-use guide, she offers her favourite 5 tips to show you how to quickly tap into and access your own inner voice of intuition.
"The only real valuable thing is intuition" ~ Albert Einstein

The Happiness & Fulfillment Spirit Prayer

Linda Lang

ENJOY a beautiful meditation created to attract more Happiness & Fulfillment into your life. Spirit Prayer is an easy to use but powerful process that when used regularly will raise your vibration, fill you with peace and bring you into alignment with the energy of the prayer. Open to experience more joy and more blessings everyday. Only a few minutes daily can make a profound impact! Your gift includes the Happiness & Fulfillment Spirit Prayer, e-book & audio meditation. Set your intent and allow!

Change Your Life Now Manifesto

Chaney Weiner

In this free report you'll discover:
- The difference between trying to live a happy life vs. living a fulfilled life (one of these keeps you stuck and frustrated, while the other gives you freedom and peace of mind).
- One of the two biggest obstacles that gets in your way and results in what you don't want (while others fall prey to this common secret trap, you'll have full control over your life and future).
- The real difference between getting what you want and don't want.
- How to become aware if your positive emotions are causing the negative emotions (and situations) you're looking to avoid (realizing this paves the way for you to feel more confident and certain so you can enjoy your life more-now and a lot more in the future).
And much more!

Helping You Get Up and Achieve More

Rodney Flowers

As an Author, Mentor, Coach, and Transformational Speaker, Rodney will inspired motivate, and encourage to never give up, but instead reach for your hopes and dreams, regardless of your current limitations or challenges.
The principles provided in this free audio recording will help you not only manage and overcome adversity, but give you the tools to 'Get Up', and reach higher levels of success never imagine Rodney C Flowers - The 'Get Up Guy'

3 Free eBooks, Free Success and Inspirational Mp3 Downloads, A Free Personality Profile

Donald Gordon Carty

Description of Bonuses and Gifts: Donald Gordon Carty is offering these 5 plus Free Gifts;
(1) 'A World of Wisdom' - Quotations for Enlightenment ebook
(2) 'Achieve Your Goals' The Complete Goal Management System ebook,
(3) and 'The Reality of the Unseen' ebook.
(4) Dozens of free Mp3 Success and Inspirational Audio download (including the acclaimed "Beyond Belief" teleclass).
(5) A free Personality Profile and much, much more. Value of Bonuses and Gifts: $497 USD

Twelve Top Stress Busters

Kathi Casey

Kathi Casey's information packed report. Twelve techniques that fit into your busy schedule, don't cost a penny and take very little time - a must have in today's fast paced world! Stress is inevitable, but you can change your reactions to stressful situations and find some peace and calm.

Sustaining Joy EBook

Shirley Knapp

This practical guide to finding and sustaining joy is in the form of a playbook with exercises, excerpts and personal anecdotes. Sustaining Joy tackles issues of awakening passions, dealing with our fears, understanding and building relationships, and dealing with obstacles which keep us from realizing our joy. A timeless guidebook of perfectly aligned information for growth.

Free Book Excerpts - Personal Growth Tool Kit

Rosalie B. Kahn

Finding love is not easy in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty. Rosalie's exclusive gifts provide a personal growth tool kit for healing your heart. With three excerpts from "My Healing Heart", you will have a valuable guide to working with your dreams, meditating, and learning how to forgive.

Free e-Book and Business Breakthrough Coaching Session

Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and small business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story. Lisa is offering her ebook ""Using Stories to Get Great Clients' and a transformational ""Business Breakthrough"" Story Coaching Session ($300 Value) where you'll uncover the challenges that are jeopardizing your business success, de-stress your markeing and leave the session re-energized to make your business highly profitable. You'll move from anxiety to authenticity, from stress to simplicity. It IS personal and it's all about the story you tell!

"Have you ever wanted more from your life?"

Gina Mollicone-Long

Gina invites you to participate in her free 4-week teleseminar series, 'The Secret of Successful Failing,' which has the power to transform your life into an exciting adventure and help you to be joyful, successful and at peace in your life.
Sign up now at
. As an added bonus, download her free 17 page report ($49.00 value), 'Breakthrough to Greatness-How to Stop Making Excuses and Generate RESULTS in Your Life'. In this report, Gina shares how results are generated, why every person has a different version of reality, the power of focus, and much more.

Free Book Excerpts - Your Personal Take-Action Guide for Transformation


The Earth is changing fast. Selacia's exclusive gifts provide a powerful take-action guide for navigating change and advancing spiritually.
With four different and timely excerpts from her new book "Earth's Pivotal Years", you'll have what you need to stay sane in chaos, learn from pivotal relationships, and understand your role.

Included is an audio recording of the book's first chapter read by the author - with practical insights about these unique times and what's ahead.

[2 Free Books] The Power of NLP and The Secret to Success and Happiness

Dr. Joe Rubino

I have two awesome free books for you to download today, and yes they are both totally free.
The first is called “The Power of Neuro Linguistic Programing – NLP as a Personal Development Tool.”
The second is “The Secret to Success and Happiness: The Super Self-Esteem Achievement Process by world renowned self-esteem expert, Dr. Joe Rubino.”
You'll learn:
• How NLP can increase your personal effectiveness
• How NLP can support you to break through mental barriers
• The secrets to manifesting wealth, happiness, rich relationships and success + How NLP can assist you to overcome procrastination and self-sabotage
• The best ways to boost self-confidence and overcome social phobias and
The life-altering and truly brilliant 3-step process to create soaring self-esteem & design your dreamlife
Value = $129

4 Free Gifts

Jacqueline JLove Jackson

I am sharing with you four of the best gifts I have to offer. You can take one or all. 1), Holistic WellBeing Chamber of Commerce-Free Trial membership; 2), Brillionaire Success 1 Free eBook; 3), Online Business Coaching-Free Trial; 4), Blissful Existence Online Coaching-Free Trial; and, one more gift...A free subscription to Bliss Attraction Magazine.

Emotional Wellness Consult with Dr. Anne Merkel, Energy Psychologist

Anne Merkel, Ph.D.

Learn how the body, mind, spirit connection helps to point out the most appropriate treatment protocol for natural balanced healing to take place. This simple to fill-in questionnaire uses physical symptoms to reflect what is happening in the energy system of the body, and with this information the first steps to feeling better can be directed.This tool used by NET / Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioners demonstrates how the mind speaks through the body.
Try it now with a complimentary consult on your health and well-being.

Free Chapter

Barry Maher

A free chapter of Filling the Glass by Barry Maher, a book that was honored as "[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books" by Today's Librarian magazine. Translated around the world, it's extraordinarily readable and entertaining, yet so rich in content it's recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School.

You CAN get Paid to Pay Attention

Marilyn Strong

Two free chapters of 'Getting Paid to Pay Attention'. Transform your struggling business into a vibrant success by tackling the ADD/ADHD characteristics of procrastination, distraction and hyper-focus that causes Business A.D.D. Psychiatrist Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Adult ADHD expert says that "Marilyn Strong's honest, human approach to conquering common business challenges sets this book apart from the rest."

What It Really Takes to Land a Job You Love!

Lori Howard

If you have been feeling frustrated or unhappy with your career and are longing to land a job you love but just don’t know how to do that, then you want to read “What It Really Takes to Land a Job That You Love” – a report about the art and science of finding your career identity, writing your resume, and what it really takes to land a job that you really want. As a bonus, you can also sign up for a free 45-minute Career Discovery Session with Lori Howard.

The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace (4th edition)

Brent Hunter

Free ebook of the fourth edition of The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace. The book has been endorsed by H.H. the Dalai Lama, N.Y. Times bestselling authors, Doctors, Lawyers, Ambassadors, Astronauts, Olympians, an Academy Award-Winning Actor and a growing chorus of prestigious luminaries. Winner of 21 literary awards, the book illuminates the common ground in the world's major wisdom traditions, also known as universal principles. The sixty easy-to-use universal principles can be used to help guide us to experiencing deep inner peace. They can also be used in concrete ways to help create a bridge to a peaceful harmonious world that works for all via a comprehensive Road Map to World Peace. The Rainbow Bridge is a vision of peace and unity that comes from deep inside the heart of humanity. Learn how it can be a positive contribution to your life and to the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Jump Start your Career or Business Strategy Session!

Linda Cassell

Linda Cassell, certified executive coach and co-host of the popular internet radio program, The Art of Joyful Living, is an expert at helping people find or create work that makes their hearts sing! Shine a light on your natural core genius! Personal development techniques plus inspired action to find your passion!

Around The World In 80 Quotes On Photos

Denise Kahn

A photograph portrays a thousand words. A quote is but a few more powerful ones. Together they are food for the senses. They make us think, wonder, and engulf us. They represent traditions, civilizations, cultures, and offer us splendor, progress, grand vistas and minute details, all in a planet rich in majestic beauty. Embark on this journey of quotes and photographs, from ancient sands to calm seas, from sky to pebbles, from natural magnificence to man-made luxury. These photographs were taken in several countries around the world. Please email Denise at to get your gift or click on the link and fill in the info on the contact page.

Renaissance Soul Career Coaching Session –Complimentary

Theresa Maria Napa

Understanding how to follow your heart’s desire and thrive as a Renaissance Soul is possible; especially in today’s changing workplace environment where your Renaissance characteristics of creativity, inventiveness, empathy, curiosity and adaptability are needed. Going through a career transition, struggling to decide which profession to pursue, can be exasperating; particularly if you are a Renaissance woman or man with multiple talents and interests. To help you find which career track to take that is alignment with your destiny, contact me for a complimentary session.

Blueprint for Success! What Stands Behind Personal and Life Success Online Workshop

Zlatoslava Petrak

Let me show you the easiest, powerful, resistance free way to prepare your mindset for success, wealth and wellbeing, reach any goal of your heart, unfold your infinite potential, establish a real basis for happiness, joy and triumph beyond any expectation, recall who you really are, so you can become anything you want to be, do what you love and live the life you are meant to.

5 Tips To Help You When Someone You Love Is Depressed

Terezia Farkas

Depression doesn't mean you have to stop loving life. How you understand depression and treat the depressed person can help or hinder recovery. Terezia's bonus gift helps you know what you should do when someone you love is depressed.

Getting Real Confidence: How to Build Unshakeable Self-Confidence

Susan Campbell

This program offers practical tools for staying present and aware in the face of situations that generally push peoples' buttons. Included are a number of confidence-building activities that people can easily put into practice immediately. To access this gift, visit, click on the link on the top center of the Home page, and the e-book will be sent to your in box within 24 hours. (valued at $37)

Speak Your Value: 15 Sales Scripts

Liz Dederer

Be honest, do you avoid networking, prospecting or sales calls because you don't know what to say?! That's all about to change when you discover the secrets to Speak Your Value: 15 Powerful Sales Scripts & Strategies To Command Respect & Drive Results

Release Your Guilt, Blame, and Stress

Evelyn Brooks

Evelyn Roberts Brooks is a bestselling author ("Forget Your Troubles"), life coach and speaker who helps people dump their stress, get into the wow, and lead a more empowering and joyful life. Your gift of Evelyn's 3-Way Guilt & Stress Blaster ($127 value) contains "River Walk" 25-minute guided imagery meditation MP3, "Guilt, Blame & Shame Dissolver" MP3, and "Rip Off Inferior Labels," a chapter from "Forget Your Troubles."

Relax & Reconnect to Live a limitLESSďż˝ Life

Madisen Harper

The aim of this 15-minute relaxation meditation is to relieve your mind of busy-ness and reconnect you with Universal energy. Those listening to this audio found their 'monkey mind' the chatter that clutters their brain, was reduced by 60%. The number increased to 80% if they listened to it 3 to 4 times a week.


Sue Urda

Never underestimate the power of feeling good! In this webinar you’ll learn how to keep from spiraling down when bad things happen; simple, yet profound strategies to stay positive and move forward no matter what; how to feel good in the midst of the muck; and simple practices and mindset techniques to stay on track even through the challenges.

Successful Recovery to Mental and Physical Health

Tilly Dunn

MY MISSION IS TO GIVE MENTAL/EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL SUPPORT TO ALL WHO ARE OPEN TO MY VIBRATIONS. My recovery from mental and physical handicaps is real, and I am passionate about sharing my wealth of experience. I am 70, and just beginning.
"A Man Too Easily Chained" by Robert Daynes

10 Stacks To Success "How to Achieve Success One Goal at a Time"

Jerome Jay Isip

10 Stacks of Success is this generation's guide to understanding that there are no limits. Unleashing the power of your own creativity can be a challenge. But there is nothing more rewarding than rediscovering all of the potential you have had inside of you the whole time. More confidence, more understanding, and more freedom than ever before are yours for the taking.

How to motivate yourself (audio book)

Marian Georgiou

Combining my music and my strong beliefs of positive thinking, I decided to pursue my new project which is an audio book, 'How to Motivate Yourself'. My audio book is a collection of inspirational quotes and sayings, accompanied by motivational music. It has has already been released in all music stores. The bonus gift is a free download of one of the tracks included in my audiobook.

The Chocolate Plant-based Recipe Ebook

Vanessa Chamberlin

The Chocolate Lovers Guide to Plant-Based Indulgence truly is a revolutionarily delicious eBook! This book contains 30 pages of Plant-Based chocolate recipes, tantalizing details on chocolate and our body's reaction to it, gorgeous chocolate driven products, healthful information on the science behind chocolate, and eye opening facts on some of the leading chocolate brands on the market.

Strategic Attraction™ in Action E-Guide

Jan H. Stringer & Alan Hickman

A transformational step-by-step sales and marketing process that people from all over the world have used to change the way they do business and build Heart-Centered Six Figure business, write books, create on-line products that sell, and global businesses and communities that are making a huge difference in the world.

How to Bring WOW to NOW

Cynthia Fontaine

Guided mediation by Cynthia Fontaine-Transformational Master Psychic, Healer and Inspirational Teacher teaching quick and easy way to reconnect to the higher inner guidance we all have. This is an intro into my 5 week program How to Bring WOW to NOW-How to have a WOW everyday
Please use password 'Booklaunch' to access gift.

Why You Need A Ghostwriter!

Kelly Epperson

You want to become an author? Don't have the time, inclination, or writing chops to get it done yourself? Discover how a ghostwriter crafts your content and expertise into a book that launches your mission/message/movement and brings you unparalleled credibility, exposure and opportunities.

The Unstoppable You Blueprint

Roberta Mittman, L.Ac, CNC

The Unstoppable You Blueprint: Your Day-by-Day Template to Feeling Energized, Motivated, and Irresistible
Finally... there's a convenient and powerful way to focus on one of the most frustrating issues that many of us share - those resistant extra pounds that hang on and won't say goodbye. This ebook delivers patient-tested, focused and spot-on information, answers, and tips every day for 28 days, targeted for optimal weight loss and health. Gain accountability, encouragement, and support that's often missing from do-it-yourself diets that cause you to gain back what you've lost-and more.

Your Reiki Breakthrough

Brenda Pearce

Step into the flow of this Reiki to release pain, fear and anxiety. Receive 5 days of Distance Reiki Energy. She is gifting you with a FREE BONUS mp3!

Quantum Field Psychology Made Simple

Dr. Ron Dalrymple

Quantum Field Psychology Made Simple reveals many of the major concepts of this powerful theory, focusing on the subtle secrets underlying success, creativity, a dynamic self-image, building great relationships and overcoming personal obstacles to manifest your desires in life...scientifically.

Hasmark Publishing Goal Cards

Hasmark Publishing

A goal card combines the powers of planning, self-affirmation, visualization, and repetition. It is a tool for describing your goal, mapping out a plan for getting there, and visualizing your new reality, all in one place.

Meet Your Prosperity Guide Package

Helaine Harris

Manifest Money Magic & Meet Your Prosperity Guide. The MP3 & manual have processes to shift your money story. Release sabotaging beliefs, feelings & patterns that keep you stuck financially. Helaine, an intuitive psychotherapist, will lead you to a PROSPERITY BREAKTHROUGH so you magnetize more money to you!

4 Keys to Living an Inspired Life

Sheri Kaye Hoff

Find your keys to everyday happiness. Discover how to love yourself and others unconditionally and learn how this unlocks your success. Uncover new ways to live your life with focused purpose. Tap your source of personal power so you can feel energized and motivated. Free mp3 download and worksheet.

Liz Lynch's Smart Networking Toolkit

Liz Lynch

If you don't have relationships, you don't have ANYTHING. Learn secrets that most people don't know about how to really make lifelong connections and build lasting relationships quickly, easily, authentically and automatically. The Smart Networking Toolkit will help you take the "work" out of networking.

"Intentional Living 101" Ebook & "Eternal Relaxation" MP3

Carrie B. Cottrill

53 page Ebook on how to Live Intentionally. 30-minute Guided Meditation escaping into the Eternal Relaxation. Carrie is best known for her unique Personal One-on-One Yoga Facilitating & Online Yoga Services, Yogic Lifestyle Presenter & Webhost. Bhakti Jewels: Jewelry & Clothing Designs. "Meditate to Create" Program Developer. "Intentional Living" Founder. Master Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama Facilitator, [Yogic] Intuitive.

Sounding healing for Pain Relief Booklet

Charles Lightwalker

This booklet will guide you through the process of using sound healing using tuning forks to relieve pain.

Ignite Your Spirit - Soul Sparklers Workbook

Jennifer Tuma-Young

Sometimes we just need a little spark to ignite the spirit! LifeGloss is sparkle for the SOUL to help you deal with challenges, create a vision, live your purpose, find your passion, have fun, be more romantic, laugh at yourself, all in all just simply embrace life. In this LifeGloss Soul Sparkler complimentary workbook, you will receive:
* Your Critical Fuel Assessment Tool
* 11 Soul Discovery Questions
* 11 Soul Sparkler Activities

Energy of the Heart mp3 Audio

Emboldened Heart

This is an hour long downloadable mp3 audio that discusses the importance of the heart, the energetic field associated with the heart and how a person can easily connect with this aspect of themselves for more wellness, wholeness and happiness.

Lazer Coaching Session

Lasara Firefox Allen

What do you most want to shift in your life? Take fifteen minutes, and begin the process. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, trance work, and intuitive skills, Lasara Firefox Allen, MPNLP, will assist you in creating profound and lasting change in accordance with your will. Limited availability. To book your complimentary session with Lasara, please drop a note to

Manifesting Course REBATE & FREE Publishing Tools & Discounts

Tanya Brockett

Tanya Brockett is founder of Hallagen Ink (, an editing and publishing mentorship company for award-winning & conscious authors (including teachers in The Secret). She is also the instructor of the DO BEHAVE COURSE ( that helps participants to use the WHEEL OF CREATION to manifest their best business, book, and life. Tanya is offering 20% REBATES for the Do Behave Course, and FREE services and discounts on editorial services as her gift. If you can imagine manifesting more consistently or you see yourself sharing your unique message with the world, visit our gift page now.

Ritual is the Universal App!

Barbara Biziou

Ritual is one of the greatest spiritual technologies of the 21st Century. This free gift contains 3 rituals that will give you tools to shift your mindset, break through hidden barriers and open to an expanded vision for your life.

Free Abundance Mantra & Relaxation Audio ($47 Value)

Mike Evans

Relaxing your mind is the first step in manifesting your dreams. Download the free and proven Abundance Mantra & Relaxation Audio to start experiencing the life you want NOW! Over 100,000 people have achieved amazing results with this simple Abundance Mantra. Get Yours for free today HERE now.

How To Reinvent Yourself in 30 Days

Tom Corley

This book helps you see the subconscious behaviors that may be holding you back. Once you become aware of your habits, this book will help you change them. This is a must read for anyone not getting the results they want or living the life they envisioned.

Losing Weight with EFT

Lauren Sweet

Discover why you overeat emotionally and how you can end this destructive behavior. Using Emotional Freedom Technique, you can uncover the issues behind the uncontrollable urge to overeat and tap them away. Learn to accept yourself NOW and be free from addictive behavior. Lose weight naturally without dieting and deprivation.

28 Days of Purpose

Karen Smith

28 Days of Purpose. 28 short (2-4 minute) videos and worksheet to assist people navigating through life and its challenges and entering the processes of growth, purpose and well being.


Paula Galli

Over the course of the next 7 days, I will walk you through some key components of how you can begin to truly fall in love with yourself, your body and your life, forever!

The Gift of Intentional Shift!

Intentional Shift

We are pleased to offer your choice of coaching with Brenda Michaels or Marla Williams or a copy edit with Marsha Mercant or a scholarship to our May 2nd event in Bellevue, WA. Each gift also includes Brenda and Marsha's book, "The Gift of Cancer: A Miraculous Journey to Healing."

Living in Sacred Time gift package

Birgitte Rasine

This unique 'Living in Sacred Time' gift package gives you Birgitte's popular book 'The Serpent and the Jaguar,' a modern guide to living with the Tzolkin calendar, and the podcast series inspired by the book, focusing on Love & Relationships, Health & Wellbeing, Work & Career, and Money & Finances.