NLP Uncovered e-video course

Carol Talbot

If you’ve ever wondered what NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is, and more importantly, can it help YOU achieve more and improve your life, I’ve put together this FREE video series (4 short videos), so you can really understand what NLP is, and how it can help you in your life.

Breaking Through e-book

Carol Talbot

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a block or barrier? This book is what you need to know to get through tough times. Whatever your block or barrier, BREAKING THROUGH is full of useful techniques that will help you break through that barrier so YOU can find your way forward.

Videos to Learn How to Cure Yourself

Kenneth Scherr

People may watch our videos to learn how to cure themselves of many common physical and mental ailments.

By watching any of the 70 "Food With Life" TV shows, we can learn how to rid ourselves of many ailments from the common cold to cancer.

Supercharge Your Communication, Email And Business Writing Skills Ebooks

Shirley Taylor

From International Bestselling Author and Speaker, Shirley Taylor
Two of the most important skills you need today are great communication skills and great writing skills. These are essential everyday skills for most of us today. Learn 50 super successful skills to supercharge your Communication, Email and Business Writing Skills. 70+ pages packed with useful techniques.
Plus you'll get an added bonus: My special checklist 'Top Ten Reasons Why Your Writing Style May Not Be Working, and What You Can Do About It!'.

10 Simple Tips To Develop Emotional Fitness

Anil Dagia

What is Emotional Fitness GymTM?
Emotional Fitness GymTM is a 5 steps process that equips you with the tools that help you develop immunity against stress rather than manage it or control it. It is a set of mental activities which Neuroscientists call "Neurally Inspired Exercises" and has been designed using the principles of Neuroplasticity (your brains ability to make changes to the neurological wiring & create new neural pathways).

Lifestyle and Business Gift Video

Di Downie

The Lifestyle and Business Gift Video is a ten minute presentation of the acronym YEFOBAG.
This acronym, YEFOBAG, is a simple yet powerful guide for the listeners to transform their routines and rituals fro profit and happiness.

Jana Stanfield Song: If I Were Brave

Jana Stanfield

Need confidence as you uplevel your life? "If I Were Brave" is one of the most empowering songs you'll ever hear. Written by multi-plantinum songwriter and recording artist Jana Stanfield, this song will give you confidence whenever you need a little boost.

Power to Change

Janet Wiszowaty

Get your FREE chapter from Power to Change: “Journaling at the Heart of Changing Your Life” by signing up below! You will also get our free newsletter full of helpful information!

A Matter of Mind and Heart

Jani Ashmore

It is a practice in life to find the balance between using the mind and listening to the heart. They are both of value and gifts from God; however, with a balance of both, we can realize clarity in the mind and fulfillment in the heart through inspired living.

Cowgirl Up - Bouncing Back after Setbacks ( Resilience)

Julie Miles Lewis

Enjoy your free download of Chapter 7 from the C-Suite best seller " Moving Mountains " Discover the Mountain in You. Learn how to ride with the change and bounce back from challenging times higher and stronger than ever before. Resilience is an essential skill in business , sports and life . YOU ARE THE MOUNTAIN - and can move or climb any mountain that stands in the way of your success .

E-Book, Motivating Your Mind, Inspiring your Spirit 2016

Kevin Cottam

This e-book has been compiled from the generous contributions of over 85 Australian, Asian, European, New Zealand, South African, Canadian, United States and United Arab Emirates authors, industry experts, CEO’s, CFO’s, Company Directors and business owners we have known and worked with in the professional education and MICE* industry.

An Introduction to the 8 Attitudes Shared by Successful Mid-Life Women

Lindsey Agness, The Change Corporation

An e-booklet that shows you how to rediscover your passion, fulfil your goals and begin an exciting new stage in your life.

BYOB- Bring Your Orgasm Back FREE 7-day email cours

Markyia Nichols, MD

Are you looking for a life-changing shift?

Allow this gift to jumpstart a mind, body, and soul transformation.
Learn easy techniques to lose weight, feel more energy, alleviate stress, and start to discover your divine purpose.

Free Book: 24 Carat BOLD or The Thoughtful Leader

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

These books are for people who want to become a thought leader by writing and publishing their Best Book. You can choose either 24 Carat Bold or The Thoughtful Leader, the two latest business bestsellers by Mindy Gibbins-Klein.


Moustafa Hamwi

Mastering Passion - This Book Will Make You Master Your Passion which is the starting point of all success

You can learn from the world’s leading expert on passion the secret for the starting point of all success
This e-book simplifies the learnings which teaches you
- The Story of a One Way Ticket
- Why The Pursite of Happiness is Making You Sad
- The True Definition of Passion
- The Different Kinds of Passion
- Benefits of Pursing Passion
- 3 Steps to Live Passionately

Moustafa Hamwi is the world’s leading expert on passion with years of his life dedicated to successfully helping people live passionately. He the founder of Passion Sundays, the world’s leading passion and happiness talk show where he interviewed over 50 global leaders, sports champions, award winning artists and celebrities – diving deep into their interpretation of passion and its impact on all aspects of success in business and life.

21 Day Happiness Challenge

Nadine Chammas

The Story of your life can be a comedy, a tragedy, a tale of joyous adventure or a story of defeat. You are the ACTOR, the WRITER and the DIRECTOR; If you are not happy with the role you are currently playing in your life, you can simply CHANGE THE STORY. I can help you REWRITE THE SCRIPT of your life and show you how to DIRECT YOUR FUTURE... Decide now!

Online Charisma Profile

Nikki Owen

How much of your authentic charisma are you currently using? Find out by completing our mini charisma profile. Discover which internal attributes you may choose to develop to boost your presence and personal impact.

FREE tips

Phil Bedford

Rebel Networker Tips and Interviews with many of the worlds leading business experts and every day people who have achieved something magnificent in their lives and their business.

Selling Made Easy

Ramez Helou

A complete course that reveals the practical secrets to close more deals, build confidence and eliminate the guess work in your selling. Over 360 minutes of video lessons Downloadable MP3 files support Structured in six different modules Original Fee: $697.00

Being Spiritually Rich eBook

Starr Fuentes

Use this wonderful eBook to help you learn where you may have mis-alignments with your path relating to spiritual development, inner peace and manifestations. This piece asks questions that help you focus on your path in ways that harbor clarity and clear intent. Examine the book. Explore its questions. Print the book or write your answers down separately and use it as a tool to bring you more into alignment with your path.

Success University for Women - Free Kindle

Success University for Women

Enjoy this #1 International Best-Seller featuring 24 winning women from 11 countries on 3 continents with careers as varied as Commercial Pilot, Accountant, Fitness Cover Model, Lawyer, Chef, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Farmer, and Life Coach, including author Carol Talbot. Compiled by Jan Fraser and Catherine Scheers.

Free Chapter of Award-winning Book #Loneliness - The Virus of The Modern Age

Tony Jeton Selimi

In a world where communication is instant, where billions of people can interact at just a moment’s notice, it will come as a shock to many to learn that loneliness is a an epidemic more rampant and destructive that at any point in history. In fact, almost everyone faces adversity from loneliness that causes them some degree of depression, anxiety or diminished self-esteem.

Raise Your Happiness Set-Point with Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff

In this complimentary Happy for No Reason Workbook you'll find material that will help support your growth and help you raise your happiness set-point.
Included in this Happy for No Reason Workbook are the:
- Happy for No Reason Questionnaire
- 21 Happiness Habit Exercises
- Happiness Quotes from Happy for No Reason

The Happy Magnet

Termina Ashton

Music is food for our moods. It is a tool that can revitalize us and holds the power to ‘soothe the savage beasts’ – stress and worry. Frequency from music and lyrics will influence our mood, it can uplift our emotional state and is a reset to unwanted thoughts.
Happiness depends on the quality of our thoughts and our thoughts govern our physical outcomes. Every time you feel discouraged, tense or need a boost, crank up The Happy Magnet and reset your thoughts to joy.
How do you feel right now? Put yourself only in places where you would find the sunny side of life and freshen your ‘now’ with a song that will make you 'feel good'.

The Art of Believing In Yourself

Peggy McColl

Build Unstoppable Confidence!

Awaken the power within to create an unstoppable confidence following the guidance revealed in this training session.

Free Book Excerpts - Personal Growth Tool Kit

Rosalie B. Kahn

Finding love is not easy in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty. Rosalie's exclusive gifts provide a personal growth tool kit for healing your heart. With three excerpts from "My Healing Heart", you will have a valuable guide to working with your dreams, meditating, and learning how to forgive.

"Have you ever wanted more from your life?"

Gina Mollicone-Long

Gina invites you to participate in her free 4-week teleseminar series, 'The Secret of Successful Failing,' which has the power to transform your life into an exciting adventure and help you to be joyful, successful and at peace in your life.
Sign up now at
. As an added bonus, download her free 17 page report ($49.00 value), 'Breakthrough to Greatness-How to Stop Making Excuses and Generate RESULTS in Your Life'. In this report, Gina shares how results are generated, why every person has a different version of reality, the power of focus, and much more.


Sue Urda

Never underestimate the power of feeling good! In this webinar you’ll learn how to keep from spiraling down when bad things happen; simple, yet profound strategies to stay positive and move forward no matter what; how to feel good in the midst of the muck; and simple practices and mindset techniques to stay on track even through the challenges.

Free Book Excerpts - Your Personal Take-Action Guide for Transformation


The Earth is changing fast. Selacia's exclusive gifts provide a powerful take-action guide for navigating change and advancing spiritually.
With four different and timely excerpts from her new book "Earth's Pivotal Years", you'll have what you need to stay sane in chaos, learn from pivotal relationships, and understand your role.

Included is an audio recording of the book's first chapter read by the author - with practical insights about these unique times and what's ahead.

[2 Free Books] The Power of NLP and The Secret to Success and Happiness

Dr. Joe Rubino

I have two awesome free books for you to download today, and yes they are both totally free.
The first is called “The Power of Neuro Linguistic Programing – NLP as a Personal Development Tool.”
The second is “The Secret to Success and Happiness: The Super Self-Esteem Achievement Process by world renowned self-esteem expert, Dr. Joe Rubino.”
You'll learn:
• How NLP can increase your personal effectiveness
• How NLP can support you to break through mental barriers
• The secrets to manifesting wealth, happiness, rich relationships and success + How NLP can assist you to overcome procrastination and self-sabotage
• The best ways to boost self-confidence and overcome social phobias and
The life-altering and truly brilliant 3-step process to create soaring self-esteem & design your dreamlife
Value = $129

The Happiness & Fulfillment Spirit Prayer

Linda Lang

ENJOY a beautiful meditation created to attract more Happiness & Fulfillment into your life. Spirit Prayer is an easy to use but powerful process that when used regularly will raise your vibration, fill you with peace and bring you into alignment with the energy of the prayer. Open to experience more joy and more blessings everyday. Only a few minutes daily can make a profound impact! Your gift includes the Happiness & Fulfillment Spirit Prayer, e-book & audio meditation. Set your intent and allow!

Service-minded Affirmations mp3 from Marilyn Suttle & Lori Jo Vest

Marilyn Suttle

From the moment you wake up and throughout your day, you have the ability to influence the quality of your relationships with even the toughest customer, colleagues, and anyone else that crosses your path. These service-minded affirmations will help to empower your interactions so that you can enjoy a higher level of competency dealing powerfully with people and challenges.

Astrologer Kaartik Gor

Astrolger & Prosperity Coach Kaartik Gor

Discover WHY "Generic" star sign predictions dont work and is waste of time. Understand WHY twins born few minutes apart have completely different destiny and the roots of traditional Astrology with Astrologer Kaartik Gor!

E=MC2 Shifting Perspectives

David Gross

This eBook is intended to support you in the process of raising awareness and shifting perceptions to guide you in creating a new reality.

Free e-Book and Business Breakthrough Coaching Session

Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and small business owners beat overwhelm, stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story. Lisa is offering her ebook ""Using Stories to Get Great Clients' and a transformational ""Business Breakthrough"" Story Coaching Session ($300 Value) where you'll uncover the challenges that are jeopardizing your business success, de-stress your markeing and leave the session re-energized to make your business highly profitable. You'll move from anxiety to authenticity, from stress to simplicity. It IS personal and it's all about the story you tell!

Change Your Life Now Manifesto

Chaney Weiner

In this free report you'll discover:
- The difference between trying to live a happy life vs. living a fulfilled life (one of these keeps you stuck and frustrated, while the other gives you freedom and peace of mind).
- One of the two biggest obstacles that gets in your way and results in what you don't want (while others fall prey to this common secret trap, you'll have full control over your life and future).
- The real difference between getting what you want and don't want.
- How to become aware if your positive emotions are causing the negative emotions (and situations) you're looking to avoid (realizing this paves the way for you to feel more confident and certain so you can enjoy your life more-now and a lot more in the future).
And much more!

Twelve Top Stress Busters

Kathi Casey

Kathi Casey's information packed report. Twelve techniques that fit into your busy schedule, don't cost a penny and take very little time - a must have in today's fast paced world! Stress is inevitable, but you can change your reactions to stressful situations and find some peace and calm.

"Discover Your Soul Song" E-Book and FREE

Rhonda Joy Eagle

Have you ever felt a lack of direction, unfocused and wondering how to get through the day? Would you like to find a way to become abundantly healthy, focused and enthused about life?

I invite you to experience a 30 minute complementary session so that you may get the flavor of what may unfold.

RoundTable Release Process for Reunifying Soul Parts

Kathy L Kirk

PDF/Ebook The Round Table Release Process of Reunifying Parts.
The RTRP works in the quantum field retrieving soul fragments that have served to explore 3rd dimensional separation experiences. In this time of Unity Consciousness, Oneness begins with your individual soul. Reunify all your soul parts with love and compassion. Bring them Home into Oneness with You.

Emotional Wellness Consult with Dr. Anne Merkel, Energy Psychologist

Anne Merkel, Ph.D.

Learn how the body, mind, spirit connection helps to point out the most appropriate treatment protocol for natural balanced healing to take place. This simple to fill-in questionnaire uses physical symptoms to reflect what is happening in the energy system of the body, and with this information the first steps to feeling better can be directed.This tool used by NET / Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioners demonstrates how the mind speaks through the body.
Try it now with a complimentary consult on your health and well-being.

Getting Real Confidence: How to Build Unshakeable Self-Confidence

Susan Campbell

This program offers practical tools for staying present and aware in the face of situations that generally push peoples' buttons. Included are a number of confidence-building activities that people can easily put into practice immediately. To access this gift, visit, click on the link on the top center of the Home page, and the e-book will be sent to your in box within 24 hours. (valued at $37)

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Sherry Gaba

This eBook will show you how to determine what beliefs are holding you back & how to take back control of your beliefs. Changing the negative into positive to experience immediate results.
Learn To Live Your Best Life Now!

Renaissance Soul Career Coaching Session –Complimentary

Theresa Maria Napa

Understanding how to follow your heart’s desire and thrive as a Renaissance Soul is possible; especially in today’s changing workplace environment where your Renaissance characteristics of creativity, inventiveness, empathy, curiosity and adaptability are needed. Going through a career transition, struggling to decide which profession to pursue, can be exasperating; particularly if you are a Renaissance woman or man with multiple talents and interests. To help you find which career track to take that is alignment with your destiny, contact me for a complimentary session.

Blueprint for Success! What Stands Behind Personal and Life Success Online Workshop

Zlatoslava Petrak

Let me show you the easiest, powerful, resistance free way to prepare your mindset for success, wealth and wellbeing, reach any goal of your heart, unfold your infinite potential, establish a real basis for happiness, joy and triumph beyond any expectation, recall who you really are, so you can become anything you want to be, do what you love and live the life you are meant to.

The eJournal Be Empowered!

Danielle Joworski

Using a journal to write down your thoughts can be a powerful method for reflecting and learning from your experiences. The eJournal Be Empowered! created by Danielle Joworski is designed to accompany you as you reflect on your dreams and desires and want to grow your sense of empowerment.

Destiny Success Kit

Michelle Casto

What would it take for you to be living your Greatest Destiny? Start your Destiny Discovery process with an excerpt from Michelle's bestselling books, a discover your purpose meditation and other mp3's that will quantum leap you down your unique path of Success and Happiness.

Sustaining Joy EBook

Shirley Knapp

This practical guide to finding and sustaining joy is in the form of a playbook with exercises, excerpts and personal anecdotes. Sustaining Joy tackles issues of awakening passions, dealing with our fears, understanding and building relationships, and dealing with obstacles which keep us from realizing our joy. A timeless guidebook of perfectly aligned information for growth.

Free Chapter

Barry Maher

A free chapter of Filling the Glass by Barry Maher, a book that was honored as "[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books" by Today's Librarian magazine. Translated around the world, it's extraordinarily readable and entertaining, yet so rich in content it's recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School.

Receive a 15 minute Intuitive Phone Reading for Only $20.00!

Tracy Lee Nash

Receive a 15 minute over-the-phone intuitive reading for just $20.00 (a value of $60.00!) from international intuitive, medium and founder of Within The Light, Tracy Lee Nash.

Simply visit, click ONLINE promotions on the toolbar, place Hasmark Promo in the subject line of the email and submit. I will contact you with all of the necessary information for your intuitive phone reading.

You CAN get Paid to Pay Attention

Marilyn Strong

Two free chapters of 'Getting Paid to Pay Attention'. Transform your struggling business into a vibrant success by tackling the ADD/ADHD characteristics of procrastination, distraction and hyper-focus that causes Business A.D.D. Psychiatrist Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Adult ADHD expert says that "Marilyn Strong's honest, human approach to conquering common business challenges sets this book apart from the rest."

Journaling from the Soul

Jodi Chapman

If you are ready to reconnect with your soul, start reaching your dreams, and live the life you were born to live, this ebook will help you do exactly that! Journaling from the Soul is part of the bestselling Soulful Journals series, & it contains 100 prompts to help you get to know yourself better!

Around The World In 80 Quotes On Photos

Denise Kahn

A photograph portrays a thousand words. A quote is but a few more powerful ones. Together they are food for the senses. They make us think, wonder, and engulf us. They represent traditions, civilizations, cultures, and offer us splendor, progress, grand vistas and minute details, all in a planet rich in majestic beauty. Embark on this journey of quotes and photographs, from ancient sands to calm seas, from sky to pebbles, from natural magnificence to man-made luxury. These photographs were taken in several countries around the world. Please email Denise at to get your gift or click on the link and fill in the info on the contact page.

5 Tips To Help You When Someone You Love Is Depressed

Terezia Farkas

Depression doesn't mean you have to stop loving life. How you understand depression and treat the depressed person can help or hinder recovery. Terezia's bonus gift helps you know what you should do when someone you love is depressed.

Helping You Get Up and Achieve More

Rodney Flowers

As an Author, Mentor, Coach, and Transformational Speaker, Rodney will inspired motivate, and encourage to never give up, but instead reach for your hopes and dreams, regardless of your current limitations or challenges.
The principles provided in this free audio recording will help you not only manage and overcome adversity, but give you the tools to 'Get Up', and reach higher levels of success never imagine Rodney C Flowers - The 'Get Up Guy'

Successful Recovery to Mental and Physical Health

Tilly Dunn

MY MISSION IS TO GIVE MENTAL/EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL SUPPORT TO ALL WHO ARE OPEN TO MY VIBRATIONS. My recovery from mental and physical handicaps is real, and I am passionate about sharing my wealth of experience. I am 70, and just beginning.
"A Man Too Easily Chained" by Robert Daynes

10 Tips to Producing a Successful Book

Hasmark Publishing

There are many steps to publishing your book and even more steps to making it a success. This report will give you some tips to help you through the process of writing your book right through to marketing it!

The Angels of Sleep – A Guided Bedtime Meditation for Kids.

Sandra Rea

This children’s meditation for sleep & relaxation is taken from the upcoming book Angels Aid, Guided Meditation for Children and Parents. A wonderful bedtime spoken word guided meditation to lull your child into a peaceful, calm and restful sleep. Let the Angels of sleep bring your child on a magical journey to show them some of the beautiful places that they go to while they sleep.

Discover Your Cards – Your Life – Your Destiny!

Gina E. Jones, The Cards of Life

Did you know that your birthday is associated with one of the 52 playing cards? Your birthday is the key that unlocks your true personality and accurately reveals information about every day of every year of your entire life!

Watch Unlocking the Sacred Book of Destiny: Introduction to The Cards of Life for FREE and discover your cards, your life and your destiny. (Retails $39.97 Offer expires June 30, 2016.)

The Art of Radical Forgiveness Meditation

Cyntha Gonzalez

When we traditionally forgive someone or a situation, we find compassion for that other and do our best to forgive. When we radically forgive, we take forgiveness further. We take responsibility for attracting this person or situation into our lives. We move from separation to reclaiming. We move from feeling victimized to expansive spiritual empowerment.