The Feelings Wheel

Colleen Aynn

Fun to play with your children, and it simultaneously raises your entire family’s EQ. Naming their feelings is the first step in a child’s emotional intelligence.

Put this beautifully colored Feelings Wheel on the wall, and your children will quickly learn to identify their feelings every day!

Video Book

Colleen Aynn

Kids love watching their devices. But why let them watch garbage when you can put on Sad Sally and rev up their Emotional Quotient (EQ) during the ride to gramma's house?

Coloring Pages

Colleen Aynn

Little ones love to color. Download and enjoy these FREE printable characters! Try giving your children Mad Michael when they’re angry; Sad Sally when they’re sad; and Happy Hannah when they’re happy – and then enjoy the conversations that follow!

Audio book

Colleen Aynn

No video, no problem. You and your kids can engage with Sad Sally through this delightful MP3, and let your imaginations soar. Great for kids who love to memorize!

Sad Sally e-book

Colleen Aynn

Enjoy Sad Sally on your tablet or iPhone! Have all the gorgeous pictures and valuable lessons in your pocket at all times! Ideal for bedtime when you're travelling.



Beautifully illustrated scenes from Sad Sally are paired with her most valuable lessons to create a series of adorable little bookmarks. Use Sally and her magical reminders as bookmarks in any book you and your children are reading!