Being a Bestselling Author can open you doors...
Being a Bestselling Author can open you doors...

Let Us Help YOU Become A

There’s more to becoming a bestselling author than writing a good book. It takes specialized marketing – and that’s where we come in.

We’ve helped everyone from novices to already famous authors achieve bestseller status for their books – and reap the unlimited benefits of being known as bestselling authors: the prestige, connections, speaking opportunities, and of course, the financial rewards.

We truly put our Heart And Soul into our MARKeting services.

Hiring Hasmark Services is the most important move you can make toward becoming a bestselling author and we can’t wait to make it happen for you!

"Judy O'Beirn and her team at Hasmark Services are by far the best in the online book marketing business. In all my years of launching eight books, four of them New York Times bestsellers, I have never encountered the likes of Hasmark Services. They are hard-working, professional, wise and committed, and I cannot recommend them highly enough for anybody who wants to have a successful book launch. They are the epitome of excellence and professionalism. Hire them."

- Debbie Ford, co-author of The Shadow Effect,
NY Times Bestseller

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Partnering with us by promoting new books to your list gives you the opportunity to showcase yourself, your products and website to up to a million people by including an example of your own material. It’s a chance to build your brand, list and customer base. And you’ll be featured right alongside well-known visionaries, authors, coaches, consultants and other thought leaders around the globe!

And now, join our community of elite partners to network with some of the biggest names in the industry and YOU could win ‘The Ultimate Bestseller Campaign’. You get a ballot for every campaign you join, so join often and YOUR bestselling campaign could be on us!

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