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Print my book

For best quality, lowest price and on-time service stick with printers who print nothing but books. How can you find book printers?

Each book printer is set up differently. Some specialize in casebound (hardcover), some in perfect binding (softcover), and some in saddle stitch (staples). Any item in your specifications varying from their system will drive up their costs and your quote. When they have to take a book off the line to shift it to the other side of the factory or send it out to a binder, costs go up. As a publisher, you don't have to learn printer capabilities and printing equipment. Just send out a request for quotation (RFQ), describing your book to all book printers. Take the lowest bid. It does not matter where the printer is located (most are in Michigan) because the bid will include delivery charges to your place.

One Resource for Authors

Convert your book to E-Book format

Electronic e-books are gaining popularity day by day. Get electronically published to one of the most popular formats 

Choose to convert to Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony, or Apple formats. Formats available include PDF, Kindle, BBeB, EPUB, and IBook. Other formats available upon request.


From 1 to 200 pages $150 
From 201 to 300 pages $200 
From 301 to 400 pages $250 

Note: Prices provided are for each format and does not include book cover or cover design

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One Resource for Authors

Flip book

Convert your file to a electronic flip book that is convenient to read and downloadable to just about any personal computer. Output formats can be HTML, ZIP, EXE, and other formats as requested 

See Sample: 


Pages 199 or less - $250.00 
Pages 399 or more - $500.00

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