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Coach me

A coach can help motivate you, shape a concept, provide feedback as well as guide you in the process of creating a book.

Peggy McColl

Coaching you to Success

Because sometimes we just can’t do it all on our own and you need a mentor to help you…

When YOUR Success Depends On

That One-on-One Mentoring can make the difference…

You Need Peggy McColl’s Personal Mentoring!

Peggy has worked with literally thousands of entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, authors, experts, business owners in a wide variety of industries. Take a look at the other endorsements on this page and look on this website and see what she has created with her own success (created numerous best-sellers, generated millions of dollars in revenue, created a VERY successful online business working from the comfort of her home) and you decide if you want to work with Peggy. Let your “instincts” be your guide.

Get started today!

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Confused by all the options? Get personalized coaching on what, how and where to launch your non-fiction book by top pro and bestselling author. We'll help you create your sale/marketing/PR plan, edit your copy, review your website, develop products to monetize your book, and basically eliminate your headaches, lost time and money,and the roadblocks. We'll guide you! 


Jackie Lapin, 30-year veteran PR expert AND best selling author, can be your guide on this path. As YOUR Book Marketing Coach, she will help you gain clarity, develop priorities and avoid pitfalls.  Lapin, founder of Conscious Media Relations and author of two award-winning bestsellers that topped the charts on, is helping authors through the maze of a book launch to ensure that whatever money is spent is well spent and whatever choices are made contribute to a successful book launch.


TIP:Start planning your book marketing 4-6 months in advance by creating a sales and marketing plan covering all aspects of your PR, marketing and social marketing strategies!

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Casazza Writing

Corinne works with writers to remove limiting beliefs around writing. If you’re feeling blocked and/or resistant to writing, there’s a good chance an old belief is behind it. Corinne helps you release the old beliefs and patterns and imprint new ones that help you write with grace and ease.


Creativity is infinite. You can tap into it at any point in time, anywhere. Once you believe this to core of your being, you’ll write with ease.

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Excellerate Associates

Lisa Mininni is a best-selling author of Me, Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change and President of Excellerate Associates, a business coaching company.

She is the Creator of The Entrepreneurial Edge System, the only national program for solopreneurs and small business owners that shows entrepreneurs how their preferred clients find them, choose them, and buy from them and helps fill their practices in record time.

Known nationally as a business change expert, Lisa has been featured nationally on, Good Housekeeping, and Incentive Magazine. She is also the creator of The Ultimate Guide to Self Publishing Your Way to the Best Sellers List and The Entrepreneurial Edge System Biz Boost Self-Study Program

TIP:Tips to Handling Unresponsive Clients: 1. Develop a system where prospects pre-qualify so you're spending time only with your preferred clients; 2. Ask questions to find out what your clients really want; 3. Schedule a follow up meeting; 4. Propose clear, simple options.

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Inspiring Transformation Publishing

Ask, ask, ask...What would it take for (whatever you desire) to show up now?

Get those limiting beliefs out in the open so they can leave and the unlimited you can emerge!!

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