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Help me with the media

Now that you have developed a great book complete with an outstanding image, where do you put it to reach your target audience? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer regarding ad placement; however, there are methods that can be utilized to narrow the list of media vehicles for consideration.

One Resource for Authors

Is your Video Script clear and does it have a call to action? 

Our professional copywriter will: 

Write your book trailer video script 


1 minute script $375.00 
2 minute script $475.00 
3 minute script $575.00

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One Resource for Authors

Sales Copy is the key component that an author needs to consider

From the back page of your book to the front page of your web site, all your material should have the same message. When a consumer reads your copy material they should hear the same message, feel the same emotions, and see consistency through out all of your material. The ideal scenario is to use the same writer for all of your copy needs. Our copywriter has over 20 years experience in the industry and experience developing the best copy, copy that sells! 

Author web site book sales landing page $560 
Author web site home page $420 
Author web site content (secondary pages) $50 
One-sided sales sheet for book $560.00 
Author Bio $245.00

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DreamGame Ent.

Three business-building tools. One transformational experience.
We help you to develop the business strategy, produce the media that carries your message with passion and impact, and market it to the world.

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Mind Movies

Who are we?

Mind Movies empowers people to reach their dreams through visualization by enabling them to create motivational, customized movies via a self-driven online software. Mind Movies is a unique "Law of Attraction" solution that has already brought astounding success to millions of people around the world.

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