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Create a workbook based on my book

Workbooks give the reader something more to do with content and can add value to a readerís experience. They are relatively easy to create and can give a nice boost to your overall revenues.

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FK Training Solutions

Free Consultation:
Contact Frank today for your complimentray 30 minute consultation.
Discuss your training project ideas and explore the options.
This initial consultation is designed to help you determine your next step in building a training platform and business related to your book and message.
There is no obligation in finding out how Frank can work with you to pull these training products together.

Frank Kickbush is a successful consultant who has created numerous training courses and workbooks from non-fiction content over his 20+ years of experience. As an author and Course Developer, Frank Kickbush has a unique background and skill set suited to the talents needed to produce quality courses and workbooks for you.

TIP:Your book is your marketing tool - your related training programs will allow you to influence your audience at a deeper level and will make you more money.

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Q: Is there a special technique to create a workbook based on my book?

A: The most important aspect is remember to create the workbook to compliment your book. If your book is about Inspiring others through tough times be sure to include what you have experienced. Give the reader excercises that ask questions and answers them also