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DIY Workbooks for Authors

Wind of Epiphany Media's Immersive Myth Studios

Immersive Myth Studios utilizes a brand building product strategy that employs Convergence, Community and Co- Creation, Convergence – The “Story & Song” platform embeds rich media content in the spine of a story with transmedia hooks that lead to content within the eBook and to deep links tethered to online content. 

 Community – Multi-level content strategy. This means there is something for the gamer, the reader and explorer in all of us. For the gamer - a layer of quick videos, thematic music or inspiring quotes. More Deeply - Opt to read “book” sections of the eBook. 

More engaging - explore the transmedia links that lead beyond the eBook’s pages. 
Co-Creation – User created content becomes a part of the extended story; this is done by encouraging user-sharing via social networks, throughout the online community or via hashtags when posting on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

TIP:Said about the story-world experience offered in the Song of Shambhala ebook series: 

“It's perfect!!” – Author James Twyman 

“I'm blown away – by what is possible, here.” – Maureen Germain  

“ absolutely incredible!!!” - NY Times bestselling author Denise Linn “ 

. . . an entire new approach in the reading experience! I love it!” – Landon Andrews

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FK Training Solutions

Finally, a training course on writing and developing your training and info products!

Frank has been involved in training development and delivery for over 20 years and has personally developed numerous courses and workshops. Currently Frank provides a full service to authors in developing workbooks, study guides and many other related training products to complement their book or message.

Now Frank has opened the vault for you on the exact process he uses to create training products for authors and has mapped it out in this simple 4 step system so you can DO-IT-YOURSELF!

Regardless of the type or format of training/info product you wish to create, this course will walk you through the process in 4 easy steps:
Step One: Build Your Training Business Strategy!
Step Two: Build Your Product Development Framework!
Step Three: Create Your Workbook (Product)!
Step Four: Complete Your Workbook (Product)!

TIP:Your Book is a good start.  If you hit the mark with your target audience they will be thirsty for more - they will be ready to go deeper and a workbook or training program will quench that thirst!

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