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A blog can be more than just a way of advancing your online presence; it can be a way of advancing your lifeÖ

One Resource for Authors

We can develop a dynamic plan Optimize your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Arrange content, pictures, banners, and topics to suit author needs and compliment branding. 

Set up or optimize a Facebook Account 
Set up or optimize a Twitter Account 
Start developing your Google+ Account, build your circles 
Set up or optimize your LinkedIn Account 


Facebook Starter Small Business Package Ė $200.00¬†

Profile and Business Page Setup 
Complete Info Page 
Upload Logo or other Image 
Upload Unlimited Photos 

Twitter Starter Small Business Package - $125.00 

Page Setup 
Upload Logo or other Image 

LinkedIn Starter Small Business Package Ė $125.00¬†

Search Engine Optimization 
Page set up with Branding Materials 

Set Up your Google online profile Ė Circles, DOCS, Calendar, Blogger Ė $300.00¬†

Set up your profile to start developing your network 
Optimize your accounts for Google Circles 
Set up you DOCS page for necessary spreadsheets 
Optimize your Calendar so that it is easy to navigate and populate 
Set up your Google Blogger account Ė optimized for your branding¬†

Note: Have our professional copywriter write the author Bio for all of the above services - $245.00 The author Bio can be used for many aspects of a campaign, web sites, various articles about the author, etc.

Social Media Posting (Twitter & Facebook): 

4 tweets & 4 Facebook posts $295.00 
7 tweets & 7 Facebook posts $395,00 
10 tweets & 10 Facebook posts $495.00 

Note: prices include a 15-minute author review and a thorough review of his/her book promotional materials. All Facebook posts can also be used for LinkedIn and Google +.

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One Resource for Authors

Custom colors, graphic, and fonts. This is the easiest way to bring your business together, visually! Your banner can be used for Book promotions, web pages, Facebook banner, and advertisements

We will: 

Design your logo or theme for the Banner 
Provide you with great layout options for your Banner 
Have a clear marketing purpose for your logo or Banner 
Provide you with the necessary tools to utilize your Banner 
Design your Banner to compliment your branding or campaign 


Standard Option $150.00 
Custom Ė with Branding Optimization $350.00

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One Resource for Authors

Blogging tells Google youíre in it to win it!¬†

Blogging is one of the fastest growing formats of communication. Let the world know what your message is, while effectively involving members inside your network and outside of your network to voice their opinion and follow you 

Get more clients to your existing business 
Get immediate feedback from clients 
Establish yourself as an expert in your field Build a network 
Take control of your online identity 


1 blog post 200 words or less $50 
1 blog post 200-400 words $100 
1 blog post 400- 600 words $150 
1 blog post >600 words - please call

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Casazza Writing

Casazza Writing has written blogs for everyone from personal growth authors to corporations to doctors interested in expanding their practice. Put our professionalism to work for you. Weíll create succinct, practical copy that will have your audience clamoring for more Ė and trusting your value enough to purchase your products and services.


Knowledge is power. Showing your audience that you are an expert in your industry by giving them valuable free content builds their trust in you. Once you have that, you have a customer!

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